Here are some of the School’s Out Henleaze policies and procedures, a full set of policies can be provided for you upon request. Comments from parents/carers regarding the policies are always welcome.

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Absence Policy

Administering  Medication Policy

Admissions and Fees Policy

Anti- Bullying Policy

Arrivals and Departures Policy

Articles of Association

Behaviour Management Policy

Child Protection Policy

Children's Sickness Policy

Complaints Procedure

Concerns Form

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Contingency Plan Policy and Procedure

Covid Risk Assessment Policy

Equalities Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Food and Kitchen Hygiene Poilicy

Health and Safety Policy

Inclusion Policy

Late Collection of Children Policy

Lockdown Policy and Procedure

Missing Child Policy

Mission Statement

Mobile Phone Photography Digital media and E- Safety Policy

Offsite Visits and Trips

Packed Lunch and Snacks Policy

Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy

Planning for Play Policy

Retention of Records Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Safer Recruitment and Selection of Staff Policy

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Discipline Policy and Procedure

Staff Grievance Policy and Procedure

Staff Sickness and Absence Policy

Staff Supervision Policy

Terms & Conditions

Toys and Equipment Policy

Training Policy

Uncollected Child Policy and Procedure

Volunteers Policy