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Step 1: Register with us

If you are new to us please register and set up an account with our On-line Registration System KidsClubHQ. This registration covers all Holiday Clubs and After School Club. You only need to register the first time you use either club and your account can cover more than one child.


Registering is easy and should only take 10 minutes.  It is important that you remember your username and password. 

You will be asked to register an account or log in if you already have an account. 

When logged in, you can view your bookings etc... and make a new booking or request a contract; this is for regular sessions at the after school club.

We have an annual registration fee of £12, this will be charged on the 1st July or applied to your account if you registered early in the academic year.


Step 2: Book A Club

Booking Holiday Clubs

Once registered, you can book into a Holiday Club using our online system KidsClubHQ. Details of the Holiday Clubs will be automatically emailed to you once they are open for bookings (unless you opt out of our communications).  Go to the 'My Bookings' tab to select the current holiday club. 

Booking After School Club

Please join our waiting list



Step 3: Pay Your Fees

Holiday Club fees are paid at the time of booking. 


After School Club fees are paid termly in advance, you will be automatically invoiced from KidsClubHQ.  If you have outstanding fees you will receive monthly invoices.


Payment Options:  We accept a variety of payment options, these are listed below.  

Tax-Free Childcare account: As an Ofsted registered play scheme, you can also pay us via a Tax-Free Childcare account. Select the tax free childcare option on KidsClubHQ. 

Please check to see if you are eligible for 30 hours of tax free childcare a week. and register now!


Childcare Vouchers: We accept a wide variety of Childcare vouchers.  To pay by Childcare vouchers you need to set up a transfer from your Childcare account to our account. Please use the appropriate code below (contact the Administrator if your code is not listed).

CARE4: Account Code: 81818057

COMPUTERSHARE: Account Code: 0007842761

EDENRED: Account Code P20003938

SODEXO: Account Code: 127416

Credit/Debit Card

Bank Transfer (After School Club only): Fees can still be paid by bank transfer, please select voucher and write bank transfer, amount and date for verification by the Administrator. Bank details on request to:

Cheque (After School Club only): Alternatively you can write a cheque payable to School’s Out Henleaze. Please provide the account name/number on the reverse of your cheque.  Cheques can be left in the red tray marked for the ‘Administrator’ in the Henleaze Infant School lobby or passed to the Manager on site.


Ongoing: Monitor Your Account

Our booking system will email you monthly if there are any fees outstanding.  Please pay promptly and check your account status on-line with KidsClubHQ.

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