What does my child need to bring for the After School Club?

Children just need what they bring for school; appropriate clothing for the weather and sun cream if required, in case they want to play outside. We offer the children a healthy snack on arrival, so there is no need to bring additional food.

How will you help my child settle in?

Please don’t worry about your child settling in, we have lots of experience welcoming new children, and are used to helping them feel at home and find friends to play with. Once you have been offered a place you are welcome to contact Jenny and arrange to come in for a visit. On your child’s first day they will be supported by one of our playworkers, who will make sure they know their way around, and will stay with them until they have settled in. If your child is in Reception they will be allocated a keyworker, who will support them throughout their first year with us.

When are fees due?

Fees are due a term in advance. Please see Fees for details >

Can I cancel a session?

School’s Out is a not-for-profit organisation. Unfortunately we can’t offer a refund if your child cannot attend a session. It is really helpful to let us know if they are unable to attend (e.g. if they are off sick), particularly if they are in the Junior School, so we do not expect them to be at the meeting point. Please text or call 07847 479 626.

What do I do to cancel a regular booking?

Please give us four weeks notice to cancel your place. Please notify the administrator in writing, email is sufficient, to

What if I am late collecting my child?

Children will be looked after until their designated parent/carer arrives. However, we do need to enforce the operating hours. Late collection means that staff members must stay late, which incurs extra costs and inconvenience. In addition, parents arriving late might cause us to over-run on our official letting period and therefore jeopardise relationships with our venue providers. To discourage late collection we have the following penalty in place;

If a child is collected after 6.00pm but before 6.15pm the family will automatically be issued with a £10 fine.

If a child is collected at 6.15pm the family will automatically be issued with a £10 fine, increasing by £10 for every additional 15-minute period entered.

If a family gets three fines in a year, the Management Committee will review the family’s membership of the scheme and the place may be withdrawn.

We reserve the right to pass on any additional charges made by the venue. The Manager will notify the administrator of any late collections, who will send invoices directly to parents.

Where do I collect my child from?

Children need to be signed out from the Henleaze Infant School dining hall. You can enter the building by the main reception and press the top buzzer. If you have a buggy or need disabled access you can use the door from the playground, again using the top buzzer.

How long is the waiting list?

Each day has its own waiting list. Mid-week is very popular and the waiting list is longer, whilst Mondays and Fridays usually have a shorter waiting list. If you are able to accept single day sessions and build up to your full requirement over time you will gain entry into the After School Club sooner. It’s a good idea to contact us and get your child on the waiting list as soon as you have been offered a place at Henleaze School. The biggest movement on the waiting list occurs as we plan for the next academic year, when we look at how many Year 6’s will leave the After School Club as they leave the school. We contact parents chronologically in June to offer places commencing in September, but you will need to respond quickly to secure a place. If there isn’t enough spaces for your child, we will let you know and they will remain on the list. It’s difficult to offer a timeframe on when you will be offered a space during the academic year as we can’t predict how many children will leave the Club and on which days. The waiting list can also be fluid; we have found that people may decline a place when offered as their situation has changed, so you may accelerate up the list, but you could also decelerate as siblings of children in the Club and children of Committee members do gain priority places. We appreciate parents need to plan ahead and we will do our best to keep you updated. In return its really helpful to know if your requirements change so we know the waiting list is as current as possible. Join the waiting list >

My child is attending After School Club this year, do I need to do anything to keep their place next year?

No, your child’s place rolls into the next academic year and the Administrator will email you to reconfirm.

My child is attending an after school activity at Henleaze School.  Can they attend the After School Club afterwards?

Yes, if you let us know, we can collect your child, or arrange for them to make their own way to us (Juniors only) from other activities. However, the fee due for the ASC is still the full fee to cover the staffing costs.

How can I get on the waiting list?

If you have a confirmed place at Henleaze Infant or Junior School for September of this academic year you are able to go on our waiting list. Join the waiting list >