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  • What does my child need to bring for the Holiday Club?
    A healthy packed lunch and water bottle. Please do not send nut or sesame products into the club. Our play scheme promotes healthy eating and we provide a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon breaks, and also the occasional treat. Clothing that is appropriate for the weather, and for messy play. Sun cream if the weather is good.
  • Where do I drop off and collect my child from?
    Mostly the Holiday Club operates from Henleaze Campus, Henleaze Infant School, Park Grove, Bristol, BS9 4LG. In which case, children are signed out by staff as parents arriive in the Infant School Car Park. Please call 07847 479 626 if there isn't a member of staff visible. If we are at an alternative venue we will advise you via email.
  • How will you help my child settle in?
    Please don’t worry about your child settling in, we have lots of experience welcoming new children from different schools, and are used to helping them feel at home and make friends to play with. On your child’s first day there will be a member of staff on hand to welcome you all, and to show you around. You are welcome to stay with your child for this bit. We can then help them choose their first activity, and say good bye to you. They will be supported by one of our playworkers, until they have found their feet. It doesn’t usually take children long to get stuck in. You are welcome to call or text us during the day to see how they are settling in.
  • When are fees due?
    Fees are due at the time of booking. This includes any extra charges for workshops and off-site trips. Please see Fees for details >
  • If my child is on an off-site trip, do they need to take some pocket money?"
    On trip days you may send your child in with a couple of pounds in spending money, to buy something like an ice cream or small toy. Most children do not bring any money with them, and we cannot be responsible for looking after their money, or what they spend it on. If we are going to the cinema we do not allow children to spend any money, instead we provide all children with a drink and a treat.
  • Can I cancel a session?
    School’s Out is a not-for-profit organisation. Unfortunately once booked places are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The day I need is fully booked and I am on the waiting list. Will I get a place?
    Sometimes places do become available. You can speak to Jenny if you would like to find out the likelihood of this happening. If you could accept a half day instead of a whole day it is also worth letting Jenny know.
  • What if I am late collecting my child?
    Children will be looked after until their designated parent/carer arrives. However, we do need to enforce the operating hours. Late collection means that staff members must stay late, which incurs extra costs and inconvenience. In addition, parents arriving late might cause us to over-run on our official letting period and therefore jeopardise relationships with our venue providers. To discourage late collection we have the following penalty in place; If a child is collected after 5.35pm but before 5.45pm three times, the family will automatically be issued with a £10 fine. If a child is collected at 5.45pm the family will automatically be issued with a £10 fine, increasing by £10 for every additional 15-minute period entered. If a family gets three fines in a year, the Management Committee will review the family’s membership of the scheme and the place may be withdrawn. We reserve the right to pass on any additional charges made by the venue. The Manager will notify the administrator of any late collections, who will send invoices directly to parents.
  • My child has a severe food allergy or dietary need, what systems are in place to ensure their safety while in your care?"
    At School’s Out Henleaze, we are used to adapting our environment to safely care for children with allergies and other dietary needs. We ensure that all staff are aware of each child that has an allergy, the severity of the reaction, and what to do in the case of a reaction. We do this by sharing a daily list of children and their allergy information. When parents register with School’s Out Henleaze using Kids Club HQ, there is section where they can describe the medical and/or dietary needs of their child. This is the information included in our daily list. In cases of severe reactions that require EpiPens or similar, we will have communicated with parents and been given any required medication to keep on site, along with the necessary paperwork. We have a number of staff who are trained in Paediatric First Aid, which includes training on how to use EpiPens. There will always be at least two members of staff on site with this training. When we undertake a food activity or are providing any food for the children, the manager will check all ingredients against the allergies list when purchasing food. A deputy manager will check the ingredients against the allergy list of the food again, before any food is distributed. For food activities, the playworker in charge of the activity will also be reminded of any children they will need to be aware of regarding allergies at the start of the activity.

School Holiday Childcare - FAQs



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