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July 2019 Newsletter

Dear Families,


Thank you to all of the parents who have booked their children into Holiday Club. We are so excited to get started, and can’t wait to show the children all of the activities we have planned, and all the exciting new toys and equipment we have purchased.

A few days over the summer (including the two inset days in September) are now completely full, so if you are hoping to book your children in we would advise you to do it as soon as possible.

To see the full activity programme please look on our website:

If you have any questions please contact Jenny


Do you know that School’s Out Henleaze is a not for profit company?

It was set up in 1991 by a group of working parents who wanted high quality childcare for their children whilst they attended Henleaze Infant and Junior schools. In the holidays we now take children from any school, and are proud of how welcoming and inclusive our children are.

We are still run by parents, who form the Management Committee. We are grateful for all the work they do, giving up their time to ensure the scheme runs as smoothly as it does.


As all our regular parents will know, the children tend to come home pretty grubby after a day of Holiday Club! Whether it is covered in flour from baking, or caked in mud from digging with sticks, if there is mess the children tend to find it!

Please send your children in with practical clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. We encourage lots of outdoor play, climbing and being active so shoes that are practical and fit are essential. As well as messy play outside we offer painting and other messy craft activities inside. We do give the children aprons for messy craft activities, but somehow paint still gets everywhere.

At Holiday Club we always end up with black bags full of unnamed clothes that we wash and take to the charity shop at the end of the summer. Please make sure anything your child might take off (cardigans, jumpers, coats etc) is labelled. If it is labelled we can let you know we have it!


Do you have any dolls, or dolls clothes your children are no longer using? Or a doll’s buggy? The Holiday Club children have been playing with dolls a lot recently and any donations would be gratefully received. Any other toys, sports equipment or construction materials will also be gratefully received!


There are still some spaces available on Fridays for After School Club in September. If you are interested please let Roberta know. The waiting lists are not too bad on the other days, and it is worth putting your name down if there are other places you would like.

If you know you won’t need your current After School Club places in September please help us by letting Roberta know as soon as possible so we can offer them to another family.


We had another visit from a Bristol City Council inspector, and we are delighted to say we were once again awarded five stars for food hygiene. Thank you to all of the playworkers for your hard work cleaning up after the children’s snack time every day!


Three playworkers attended Loose Parts training this term, finding out all about how we can support open ended play experiences for the children using all of the bits and bobs we have out each day. Gee is off to do some E-safety training and has attended an Introduction to Playwork course. And as usual we have had lots of staff attending First Aid, Safeguarding and updating their Food Hygiene training too.


We are hoping to have lots of nice weather over the summer holidays! If it is sunny please help us by making sure your child has sun cream on before they come in each day. We have sun cream on site, and can make sure your child puts more on during the day. If you would rather send your child in with their own that is ok. Please hand it in to the desk at the start of the day with your child’s name written on it. Please make sure your child has a t-shirt on that covers their shoulders.


If you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook. We post lots of useful information, such as when we open for bookings, any last minute places that are available in Holiday Club, as well as lots of photos of the children playing.


Please let us know on 07847479626 if your child won’t be attending Holiday Club. It is possible that we can resell your place even on the day, if there is a waiting list. Where possible please leave day to day messages on the phone number, rather than by emailing Jenny or Roberta who may not pick up your message in time. (Or maybe on holiday!)

There is a 48 hour exclusion period for children (and staff) after the LAST episode of sickness or diarrhea. We have your children and our staff’s best interests at heart by enforcing these exclusion periods. By bringing your poorly child in you are putting other children (and our staff) at risk. Thank you for your support.


Const joined our team in 2019 as a Playworker. He also works in Breakfast Club. Const has just finished his A Levels and is taking a gap year next year.

His favourite part of the job is getting to know the children on their level, and in his free time he likes to play football.

Over the summer in Holiday Club he is most looking forward to playing football, joining in the children’s imaginative games and playing outside with the children!

Next time you are in, please stop and say hello!


Each newsletter we will share with you how we have responded to feedback from either an adult or a child. Your feedback is very important to us, and we welcome your comments.

YOU SAID: Please can you tell us when days are full, or nearly full before we make our Holiday Club bookings? (Parent request)

WE DID: Jenny has worked hard updating Libacura daily to show which days are full, or only have morning/afternoon spaces available, and which days have only a few spaces left. We hope this has been helpful!

We are always keen to hear your views. There is a suggestions box at the back of the dining hall or pop in for a chat. THANK YOU for your continued support.

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