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December 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Roberta (General Enquiries): 07847588 203

Jenny (After School Club and Holiday Club): 07847 479626

Dear Families,

After School Club

We are all getting into the festive spirit at After School Club, with lots of seasonal activities and games, including making snowflakes, decorating wreaths and getting a head start on some Christmas cards.

The children have also been fascinated with some of our sensory toys and have loved watching the gooey timers, peering deep into the infinity mirror and pondering how the gyroscope works! Outside, the darker evenings have given us the opportunity to play with a variety of light-up toys including glowsticks, torches of different colours and flashing bouncy balls.

If you would like your child added to the waiting list, please sign up on our website here.

Holiday Club

Christmas Holiday Club is already filling up fast. We have a variety of exciting games and activities planned including Santa’s Sleigh Junk Modelling, Icing Gingerbread People and Christmas Party Games. You can view the full programme on our website here.

Please make sure your child arrives with enough layers and a coat as we will be offering outside play throughout the holiday.

INSET Days Tuesday 4th January and Friday 21st January 2022

We have two INSET days coming up. We will be running Holiday Club on both days from the Infant School, although spaces will be limited on the 21st January. Please check out website for a list of activities on those days and you can book via KidsClubHQ. Infants and Juniors are welcome, from 8.15am until 5.30pm


If you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook. We post lots of useful information, such as when we open for bookings, any last-minute places that are available in Holiday Club, as well as lots of photos of the children playing.

Committee Update

After two years serving as Chair we would like to thank Katie Dieleman who stepped down from this position at our November AGM. Katie brought clarity and insight to the committee and staff team alike. We are pleased to say that Katie will still be serving on the committee for another year.

We welcome Ben Cheetham as Chair and Charlotte Philip as Vice Chair.

Both Ben and Charlotte were voted in at November 2020 AGM and have been with us throughout the difficult pandemic year. They have a variety of skills and experience and have children that enjoy the scheme.

Additionally, this year we welcome Maarten Odding, who is a new parent to the school. We are pleased to have him on board and will be a huge asset as he serves on the committee.

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to those that need to move on, this year we say goodbye to Annabel. Thank you for your support and commitment to School’s Out Henleaze and all the best for the future.

If you are interested in joining the committee, we do have some vacancies and will definitely need to have new committee members at our AGM 2022. Your children will receive accelerated access to places at the after school club and you will help direct and manage the scheme your children enjoy. Please contact We typically vote in members at the AGM in November.


We are still ensuring all children wash their hands with soap and water on arrival at After School Club. We have contingencies in place in case we have an actionable number of cases, but that this hasn’t happened so far. We keep the windows open at all times to maximize ventilation, and although we encourage playing outside as much as possible, we do have the hall as a last resort for particularly cold or otherwise inclement weather.

We will offer plenty of reassurance to the children and hope to minimize disruption to their play with these measures, and have plans in place in case we need to return to bubbles.


We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents sticking to our pick-up times of 5.45 for After School Club and 5.30 for Holiday Club. Please continue to give us a call on 07847 479626 when you have arrived to collect your child.


Most children are bringing a snack in to eat when they arrive at After School Club. As part of our commitment to promoting healthy eating, we do ask that parents ensure their child’s snacks are balanced across the week. We have been offering a piece of fruit (apple or orange) to those children who arrive without a snack.

Absence and Clubs

Please let us know on 07847 479626 if your child won’t be attending After School Club, or if they will be attending an extra-curricular club before coming to us. Where possible please leave day to day messages on this phone number, rather than by emailing Jenny or Roberta who may not pick up your message in time. (Or maybe on leave!)

Please follow all government guidance around Covid-19. Thank you for your support.

A Day in the Life of After School Club

We asked some of the children to tell us about a typical session at After School Club, here is what they said!

“We start with a snack, an orange or apple or you can bring something else from home. We can play anything we want or they provide fun activities for the kids.

Most kids love making up their own games and the playworkers are amazing and provide a range of games for the kids that are so fun.

We love After School Club it is very fun, we love to play here!”

Susie, Lyla, Ella, Esther and Elby

Who’s Who

Lauren joined us five years ago as a Playworker. She has since completed her Level 2 qualification in Playworking and is currently a Senior Playworker. At School’s Out, Lauren likes having surreal and imaginative conversations with the children she looks after.

Lauren also works at a local nursery, where she looks after the babies.

In her spare time, Lauren loves to listen to music.

You Said, We Did

Each newsletter we will share with you how we have responded to feedback from either an adult or a child. Your feedback is very important to us, and we welcome your comments.

You Said:

“Can we get some more tennis racquets?” – Wilf, Year 3

We Did:

We have provided a selection of new racquets for the children to use at After School Club and Holiday Club.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

THANK YOU for your continued support.

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